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Baby Poems

Use classic children's poems to create adorable art pieces for babies. Nothing captures the innocence and love of early childhood like these classic nursery rhymes. Create customised heartwarming works of art, including posters, t-shirts and mugs, as a memento or gifts for your child or family and friends.


Dragon Knights

From riding bikes to riding a dragon. What more could a little boy want? To soar high above an epic world, taming a fierce beast into a friend, the wind whistling past your ears. This is every boy's dream; to go from riding a bike to riding a fire breathing dragon!


Photo Collages

Combine special memories to create an elegant, panoramic collage masterpiece. Often times, life is too large to be captured in a single photograph. The range of our experiences and memories can't be shown in a single frame. The Red Pepper Studios custom collage service makes it possible.



Turn your precious little girls into beautiful, adorable princesses. Red Pepper Studios will take your child on a journey through mystical wonderlands allowing them to express beauty through a wide variety of colors and settings. With a sprinkle of fairy-dust, our magical transformations will take kids into a princess dream world!



Capture someone’s face and let us capture their personality. We can create hilarious yet accurate caricatures from any photo. Caricatures are a perfect gift for many different occasions and are guaranteed to put a smile on the face or your friends and collegues. You can also put them mugs and t-shirts to complement their personality.



Turn your precious little girls into beautiful, adorable fairy princesses. Red Pepper Studios will take your little girl on a journey through mystical wonderlands. Let your little girl express the beauty inside through a wide variety of bright colors and settings.



Little boys can sail away to seek adventure and treasure with the new Red Pepper Pirates service. Set sail on the high seas for fun and adventure in an exciting new Pirate world. We will take your little boy on a voyage filled with treasure and fun. Personalise the experience by adding your child's name.


Sports Posters

Capture a memorable sports event with an awesome photo collage. You no longer have to be a professional athlete with a shoe contract to appear on a quality sports poster!

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