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To create a totally different perspective from the normal, Red Pepper Studios are able to photograph your property, site, event, business and countless other requirements from over 50ft in the air.

Commonly referred to as telescopic mast photography, it is also referred to as elevated pole photography or low altitude aerial photography. Either from the back of the vehicle or on a separate ground stabilised tripod the telescopic mast extends to 15 metres (50 feet) allowing the elevated photograph to be taken more precisely and without the time pressure of conventional aeroplane or very expensive helicopter based aerial photography. Being digital, we can see exactly how the shots are working and change angles or move the camera body remotely. The client is welcome to sit with us and view the images as they are being taken and even direct if they like.

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Home owners, estate agents, indoor and outdoor events, construction companies, property developers, surveyors, insurance companies, roofing companies, landscape photography, archaeological site surveys, PR shots, weddings, theme parks, large gatherings, schools, local authorities, accident investigations, health and safety and solar panel installers.


Full liability insurance of £2million pounds. Extra cover can be provided if required.


High mast operation is limited by rain and wind strength. We can operate the mast without guy rope support up to 15mph and with guy rope support up to 30mph. We normally fit guy ropes as a matter of course. For wind strength greater than 15mph, mast photography is not possible and we would endeavour to re-visit at the next available earliest opportunity. Available light also plays an important part in providing you with the best possible images. Ideal times are between 10.00am and 5.00pm throughout the Summer months, but between 11.00am and 2pm throughout Winter. Lastly, the direction of light, dependant on perhaps which way the building is facing may dictate the best time of day for photographs. Bright overcast days are best, but some directional sunlight for additional modelling can be of benefit in some cases.

Costs and Pricing

Single Mast Location from £99
Two Mast Locations from £149
Three Mast Locations from £199
Half Day (4 Hours) £349
Full Day (8 Hours) £549
Multiple Mast Locations Call to Discuss

Prices include consultation, site visit and photography. Post production image adjustment will be performed where required and images are provided on a CD or DVD in NEF, TIFF or JPEG formats. Prints and frames can be supplied at extra cost. If you have a special requirement, please contact us with details of your location, number of setup positions you require and we will provide you with a bespoke quotation.

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