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Passport photos are a vital part of the application process. If the photos you supply are not suitable, your passport will be delayed. They must be clear, sharp, in focus and be a true likeness of the subject. Red Pepper Studios passport photos are produced to current UK home office specifications. We also cater for foreign passport sizes and visas.

Please follow the passport photo instructions below. Get it right first time and prevent delays.

UK Passport Specifications

  • The passport photos must be 45mm by 35mm in size
  • The background must be light grey
  • The subject must stand out clearly against the background
  • They must be printed on low gloss high quality photographic paper
  • The photos you submit must be copyright free
  • They must be undamaged and have no creases caused by paper clips
  • Other people or objects must not be visible
  • The head size must measure between 29 and 34mm
  • There must be no writing on the back or the front of the photos
  • Professional printing is required
  • No shadows are allowed
  • You must be facing forwards and looking straight into the camera
  • You expression must be neutral
  • Do not show your teeth and keep your mouth closed
  • Grinning, raised eyebrows and frowning are unacceptable
  • Your eyes must be open and clearly visible
  • No hair obscuring your eyes, sunglasses or tinted glasses
  • There must no flash reflections from glasses
  • The frame of the glasses must not cover up any part of your eyes
  • We advise our customers to remove their glasses
  • Head coverings are allowed only for religious or medical reasons

Baby Passport Photos

Because of the difficulties in photographing children under the age of 5, for UK passport photos the regulations are slightly more relaxed. Children aged five and under do not need to have a neutral expression or to look directly at the camera. Babies under one don’t need to have their eyes open. If the baby’s head needs to be supported, the supporting hand must not be seen. All other photograph standards must be met.

Indian Visa Photographs

Indian visa and passport photo specifications are fairly straight forward but differ from standard photo booth sizes. The photos must be 50mm X 50mm and in color. The background must be white.

If you are wearing glasses, please make sure that reflection from the lenses do not limit the visibility of your eyes. If you have long hair, ensure that it does not obscure your face. It is preferable not to wear a hat or any kind of head covering in the photos. Your face should occupy about 75% of the total photo area.

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